Low Cost Pet Vaccines

Your pet is not born with lifelong immunity protection. It has to be built up through vaccinations. Because there are so many domestic cats and dogs who are not vaccinated, there are frequent outbreaks of serious disease across the country. Vaccinating your pet is the most important single thing you can do to help ensure your pet’s immune system can fight illness and disease. Without a proper vaccination schedule, there are many serious diseases your pet may not be able to overcome.

The first thing you need to know is that vaccines are safe and they work. They not only prevent some conditions, they can also lessen the severity of serious illness. The second thing to know is that vaccinations are not one time actions. Our highly skilled veterinarian will establish a vaccination schedule for the life of your dog or cat that can keep them protected from dozens of serious illnesses.

Maintaining the vaccination schedule recommended by Torrance Companion Animal Hospital through the life of your pet is critical for ongoing health. And there is no reason not to. Our low cost pet vaccinations are extremely reasonable even though our skill and professionalism rival the most expensive animal hospitals.

Your Pet’s Lifestyle Affects What Vaccinations Are Given

Core vaccines are given to all pets regardless of lifestyle. Non-core vaccines are added to the schedule for pets who are outside a lot, frequently boarded, or are often in regular contact with other animals who are.

Pet vaccinations need to be established within the immune system and this may take several days. For this reason, you should vaccinate your pet at least a week before boarding or before exposure to other animals, when possible.

Our veterinarians will design a tailored vaccination schedule with the flexibility to change over time, depending on changes in your pet’s environment or new advances in vaccinations. From time to time, should a particularly epidemic arise that could affect your pet, you will be notified by us to come in for any additional needed shots.

Vaccine Requirements

Though some vaccinations create immunities in your pet’s system that may last for many years, others need to be renewed every year to optimize your pet’s healthy life. The frequency of vaccination has been debated in professional circles due to some veterinary practices over-vaccinating or vaccinating by rote schedule. Torrance Companion Animal Hospital takes the position that only necessary vaccinations and boosters should be administered to protect your pet from serious illness. During our consultation with you and your pet we will go over the following:

  • What kinds of vaccines your pet needs, how often, and why.
  • Verify that it is for a serious potential illness or illnesses.
  • There is reasonable opportunity for your pet to be exposed to this disease.
  • Review vaccine safety and effectiveness.
  • Review any history of serious reaction your pet has had to vaccinations, if this is not their first one.
  • For pets that are returning, you may have an option of doing a “Vaccine Titer Test” which will help you and your vet determine if there is adequate immunological protection from previous vaccinations. This will help ensure your pet is not over-vaccinated.

Vaccine Safety

Vaccinations are overwhelmingly safe, thanks to continual advances in immunization technology and sophisticated tracking of disease strains. Vaccinations save the lives of millions of animals annually and the more that are inoculated, the safer the animal world becomes. This science has progressed to the point where adverse reactions are very slight. Torrance Companion Animal Hospital makes every effort to minimize risk by delivering only those vaccinations your pet really needs.

Vaccine Reactions

Most pets can experience a few mild side effects in the first few hours after their inoculation as their bodies acclimate to the vaccination. However, in the rare case that symptoms persist for more than a few days or cause a good deal of discomfort, contact us immediately. Even if there are no side effects, it’s a wise idea to schedule a follow up appointment in a month, so we can evaluate your pets condition.

Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a highly contagious respiratory disease mainly contracted by dogs at places where many of them congregate such as dog parks, boarding and daycare facilities, and dog shows. Although the sound of your dog hacking or making choking noises sounds terrible, it is often not a serious condition and can go away on its own. However, it is always best to come in for an evaluation because opportunist viruses may have infected your dog at the same time. These viruses can make your dog susceptible to more serious illness.

If you adopted your cat or dog from a kennel of shelter, your vet will most likely recommend a vaccine that will fight adenovirus, parainfluenza, and bordetella.