When Your Pet Needs Us Most

It can happen: your pet suffers a traumatic experience or comes down with a sudden illness. Torrance Companion Animal Hospital can help with a long list of pet care emergency services. We have extended hours until 10 P.M. each day to accommodate you. We understand how distressing it can be to a pet owner to suddenly see their cherished companion in pain and needing help – especially if it isn’t something you are prepared to handle yourself.

All our patients are important but emergencies take priority over all other appointments. Some of the common issues that create emergencies:

  • Physical trauma from impact with a car, bike or fight. This often requires immediate care to calm the animal and locate the exact extent of the damage. We can do immediate X-rays to find out exactly what bones or internal organs are damage. Our vet can then rapidly address the critical area.
  • Birth issues. Sometimes delivery can go wrong. We have the experience and methods to smooth out a birth before it becomes life-threatening.
  • Seizures. We can help abate pet seizures with medications designed specifically for this purpose. Once the emergency is handled we will use our diagnostic tools to discover the cause.
  • Stomach bloating or swelling. Vomiting. Blood in stool. General sharp pain. All these symptoms may require emergency service.

We understand how important your pet is to you and how emotional it can be to see them in pain or traumatized. We know that you interact with your pet daily and have come to understand its behavior and moods. You are the best judge of what constitutes an emergency and we respect that. Some emergencies can be critical and require immediate and considerable intervention. Many others can be resolved quickly, requiring little handling. The point is, you don’t know what kind of emergency you have until you bring your pet in.

Our services are still affordable and fair, even if your emergency requires extensive time.